Spencers Ice Lined Refrigerators / Vaccine Freezers (Model No. : 1180-SFR-051 series)

SPENCERS Ice lined refrigerators are designed for storing life saving vaccines. SPENCERS sturdy and reliable Ice Lined refrigerators with unique design innovations are specially designed to store vaccine products at a controlled, stable temperature and provides a means of storing vaccines and medical supplies. These Ice Lined Refrigerators with a Temperature range of 2 Deg. C to 8 Deg. C come with a highly efficient backup system of 20 - 24 hours. SPENCERS Ice Lined Refrigerators are designed to maintain the COLD CHAIN which is a must feature of Ice Lined refrigerators for routine & emergency vaccine handling.


Strong and reliable refrigeration is the main feature of ice lined refrigerator. The unit is fitted with a digital electronic temperature controller cum indicator for easy readability along with high & low alarm system. The heart of the system is a highly efficient compressor and condenser with state of the art accurate Temperature Controls constrained to work with low energy consumption.




Ice Lined refrigerator +2 °C to +8 °C

Ice Lined refrigerator 0°C to +10 °C




Ice Lined Refrigerator 50 Litres

Ice Lined Refrigerator  100 Litres

Ice Lined Refrigerator  125 Litres

Ice Lined Refrigerator  250 Litres

** Varying capacity options on Demand.




Ice pack freezing compartment with -20 Degree C temperature between outer panels & interior for temperature backup.

Dependability, low maintenance  & Value.

Accurate temperature control and holdover capability.

Fast pull-down, rapid recovery.

Excellent temperature stability and homogeneity.

An extended choice of process and control options.




High and low temperature alarms.

Temperature data logger.

Temperature Chart Recorder.

Computer Interface & software.

Data store memory & print function.

Alarm system with rechargeable battery backup.

Alarms for open door, sensor fault, condenser fault etc.

Voltage safety system.

Dual door system with inner Glass door.

Vacuum insulated Glass door system.




Model No.





Cooling Performance

+2 t o +8 degrees C with an accuracy of +_ 1 degree C

Hold Over Time during electric failures

20 – 24 hrs.

Effective Capacity

50 liters

100 Liters

200 Liters

500 Liters

                                                             *Varying Capacity option on demand.

Exterior Finish

Galvanized Sheet finished with bacteria resistant coating.

Interior Finish

Stainless Steel interiors to give better life and makes cleaning easy providing hygienic conditions and great sturdiness.

Cabinet Insulation

Safe, high density, non-settling &Thick polyurethane insulation

Drawers / Shelves

Adjustable drawers / shelves.




Heavy duty Air-cooled compressor. The compressor is distinguished by its excellent performance, low noise level and minimal vibration.


Non-CFC & Non-HCFC environmental friendly refrigerant.

Air Circulation

Forced air circulation.


Fully automatic

Temperature Control

Microprocessor based digital temperature controller cum indicator for easy readability.

Alarm System

Audible and visual alarms in case of power failure, high or low temperature alarm system.

Power Supply

220 volts,50Hz / 110 volts,60 Hz.



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