Spencers Microscopes (Model No. : 2010-SMS-013)

Spencers series of Research Microscopes are most advanced for analytical and research work in colleges, laboratories, hospitals and research institutes. It has flat structure of body and base for stability and sturdiness,fitted with quadruple revolving nose piece, having threads of international standard.



Electronic built in base illumination system fitted with halogen lamp of 6 volts, 20 watts.


Built in transformer controlled by variable solid state electronic knob

Stage size 140 x 120mm

Low co-axial controls for easy slide manipulation on both the axis with graduation and verniers


Range of movement 80 x 50mm

Condenser having rack and pinion movement with Abbe condenser N.A 1.25, Iris diaphragm and filter holder


Plano concave reflector attachment easily replaced with sub-stage illuminator assembly


Head inclined at 45 degrees and rotatable through 360 degrees

Power Supply : 220 volts, 50 Hz

Achromatic Objectives : 4x, 10x, 40xSL and 100xSL oil immersion


Eye Pieces : Huygenian 5x or 6x and WF 10x








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