Spencers Vaccine Carrier (Model No. : 1181-SFR-001 series)

SPENCERS Vaccine carriers & Cold Boxes are designed for temporary storage and transport of donor blood and organs, vaccines and medical products that require safe temperature range inside the container. Safe temperature ranges inside the vaccine carriers are controlled with ice packs typically conditioned and specifically handled. The insulating materials have high mechanical robustness, relatively small weight and high heat insulation properties.

SPENCERS Vaccine Carriers come in different sizes, with attractive designs, colors, made from Polypropylene Plastic (food grade). The vaccine carriers have good temperature resistant capacity. The vaccine carriers are used to carry vaccines, which needs to be kept in carrier for more than 2 to 3 days at least during vaccine immunization programmes. The vaccine carriers are Fitted with thermometer meant for easy monitoring of inside temperature. The vaccine carriers are Insulated with Polyurethene Foam (PUF), the most efficient material to retain inside temperature. Different sizes of the vaccine carriers gives the choice to user according to his need.

Vaccine Carrier is a box with airtight lid, easy to handle, strong to face all hurdles during transportation. Vaccine Carrier is used to carry vaccines, maintaining temperature required during transportation. It contains ice packs, which provide constant low temperature for a longer duration. The airtight lid does not allow air to enter in. Vaccines are safe against all tensions during transit, like virus, breakage, etc.

CFC-free cold chain equipment ensures a pre-determined safe temperature range (-3 to + 10 C) for a particular period known as cold life of the product.



Vaccine Carrier 1.6 L
Vaccine Carrier 4.5 L
Vaccine Carrier 15 L
Vaccine Carrier 16 L
Vaccine Carrier 22 L
Vaccine Carrier 30 L
Vaccine Carrier 32 L
Vaccine Carrier 45 L
..........And More options on demand.





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