Spencers Cadaver / Body Lifting Trolleys (1211-SMC-001)


Spencers have specifically designed this trolley to cater for extra heavy loads, especially those involving bariatric cases. With a substantial construction the unit features a powerful electric power traction drive, to provide both ease of movement and precise manoeuvrability required even when fully loaded. Parameters such as speed and torque are fully programmable and can be factory configured to suit any hospitals individual topography, enabling safe operation by one person. The trolley can readily be enhanced with a number of options cater for many purposes in the mortuary, making this a useful, versatile and indispensable tool. The Spencers Body Lifter Trolleys are designed for the movement of cadavers from ward to mortuary unit, or for the use in the mortuary unit for placement or viewing. Made from all stainless steel. Height varies from 450mm to 1500mm. Mortuary trolleys are designed for easy movement and work in conjunction with the Spencers Mortuary Refrigeration and Freezers. Mounted on 200m castors, two lockable two swivel. With body holding straps. With push handles at both ends. Side rails with raised ends to accommodate cover. Cover of flexible heavy duty PVC, for positioning over the side rails.









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