Spencers Walk in Mortuary Refrigerator (1210-SMC-020 series)

Spencers Walk in refrigerator insulated panels and refrigeration systems are manufactured as a system. Spencers Walk in morgue refrigerators are designed to accept all types of Spencers morgue equipment. The panels are designed with cam lock latches for easy assembly and future expansion. Refrigeration systems are preassembled with all controls factory tested prior to delivery.


SPENCERS Walk in refrigerator come with an extended choice of controls & options. SPENCERS also offers all stainless steel walk in refrigerator for long durability and most hygienic environment.


0 °C to -20 °C
** Varying temperature options on Demand.


Mortuary Cabinet : 16 Body
Mortuary Cabinet : 20 Body
Mortuary Cabinet : 40 Body
Mortuary Cabinet : 60 Body
** Varying Capacity on Demand.


Safe storage until final disposition
Customized styles & Design.
Dependability, low maintenance & Value.
Accurate temperature control and holdover capability.
Excellent temperature stability and homogeneity.
An extended choice of process and control options.


LCD / TFT Display.
Temperature data logger.
Humidity Controls.
Observation Windows & Wall Bumper.
Back-up Refrigeration System.
All Stainless Steel Construction.
Mortuary lift cum transport trolley.
Seven Days Temperature Chart Recorder.
Data Logger.
Print Options, Memory Options.





Model No.




And More…….

Temp. Range

As required.

As required.

As required.

As required.


16 Body storage

20 Body storage

40 Body storage

As required.


Microprocessor based controller.

Temperature Display

Digital LED/LCD.

Outer Panels

Outer panels are made of GI coated/ CPRCA sheet/Stainless Steel.

Interior Panels

Interior panels are made of Stainless Steel.


Entrance door will be a flush design with a minimum opening of 48" wide by 78" high. The door section provides a full 4 inches of foamed in place polyurethane insulation. Construction and finish are the same as adjoining wall panels. The door incorporates a heavy-duty, molded ABS breaker strip, which is permanently foamed in place. The bottom of the door is sealed with an adjustable double sweep gasket, uniquely designed to provide a complete seal between door, threshold and door jamb. Door jamb is constructed of fully covered extruded and welded, structural anodized aluminum, with a rigid frame design for easy cleaning and maintenance. The provided threshold plate is constructed of extruded aluminum for bearing strength. Aluminum diamond kick plate provided on interior/exterior of door. Anti-condensation heaters provided surround the full perimeter of the door opening. The complete door section is UL listed and labeled. Other door styles and sizes are available.

Modular Panel Construction

Wall, ceiling and floor panels are prefabricated modular constructions consisting of 100% foamed in place polyurethane insulation a full 4 inches thick. Panel joints are precisely formed male and female tongue and groove shapes fabricated to force the male edge to contact the female edge, providing an additional seal. Mechanical panel fasteners have wings which provide the necessary strength to support the cam action of the locking mechanism when the panels are drawn together.


Polyurethane foam insulation with a thickness of 100mm.

Interior lighting

Interior fluorescent lighting.

Refrigeration system

SPENCERS superior refrigeration system with optional Backup refrigeration system.


Heavy duty Air-cooled compressor. The compressor is distinguished by its excellent performance, low noise level (<60dB) and minimal vibration.


Highly efficient condenser with automatic condensate evaporating system.


Internal evaporator system Forced draught.


Non-CFC/HCFC environmental friendly based on compressor capacity.


Audio-visual alarm system to warn of high or low temperature.

Power Supply

Single Phase / Three Phase / 110 volts, 60Hz.


Temperature Recorder/Data logger; Voltage Safety System; Alarm system for various parameters with rechargeable battery backup, twin refrigeration system etc.







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