Spencers Incubators (Model No. : 1160-SIB-001 Series)

Spencers Incubators complemented with a comprehensive range of control technologies and performance enhancing features are built for research, medicine and a variety of applications in industry and other fields where processes require extremely high precision. These Incubators are designed for users seeking minimum temperature variation and maximum long- term stability. Precision controls, minimum recovery times and temperature operation from ambient to +37 degree C makes it ideal for processes requiring rapid heat-up times and high loading capacity generally demanded by busy laboratories.


Product Features:


Temperature Range: Ambient to +37degrees C with ± 1 degree C accuracy


Adjustable aluminum/SS Trays/Shelves

Fully insulated door with spintex wool Insulation and gasket for excellent uniformity

Includes latch and strike to ensure easy opening and closing


Digital temperature controller with an accuracy of ± 1 degrees C

Easy-to-maintain Aluminum/SS interiors, hygienic easy-to-clean working chamber of aluminum/SS material


Fitted with double doors (glass door inside) and Outer is made of Galvanized sheet duly finished with epoxy paint


Large-area all-round heating, providing the ideal conditions for homogeneous incubation temperatures




** Varying capacity options on Demand


Feature Selection:
->Air circulating fan.
->Microprocessor based temperature controller cum indicator.
->Programmable n Step Ramp and Soak Temperature Controller
->Digital timer with a range of 99/999 hours.
->Over-temperature protection.





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